Sunday, February 20, 2011

Development of My Commune

All citizens always want to live in a developed commune which give people comforts and chances to in crease their standard of living. Over the years, my commune has developed a lot.

The first thing is that a new health center was built by contribution of the government and foreign helps. The people can use health service cheaply, and it is easy for people to go because is near to their house. The people can go to the health center to consult with nurses with health problems without paying.

For transportation my commune have become easier and easier because every road to every village has been rebuilt, so the people can carry their products and travel easily to the market or other villages. moreover, a lot new bridges have been constructed by the government and contribution of the people in the commune.

Furthermore, a lot of school buildings have been built in every primary school in my commune, so children are happy to go to schools. The people's standard living in my commune is better now because most of them have jobs and get high income.

All in all, the people in commune are happy for the achievements that our commune has received over the years.

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