Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fishing in Cambodia

Cambodia has many naturally occurring takes as well as rivers. There are good places for many series of fish both in saltwater and freshwater and at all times, both in the wet season and the dry season. In the wet season, however, fishermen catch fewer fish than in the dry season.

Fishing in Cambodia
In the wet season, rainwater floods the center of the country particularly around the Great Lake. The plants around the edge of the lake are covered by water, which can be quire deep in places. At this time, all series of fish to grow quickly, because they can feed on the various plants and insects in the water.

Fishing in Cambodia
In October, the dry season starts and the water level fails. This is the best time for fishing. The fishermen use all kids of tools to catch their fish. Fishing nets, fish traps and instruments made from bamboo are the sort of tools they can use.

Fishing in Cambodia
The main areas where people catch fish are the Great Lake and the Tonle Sap river. Cambodia is famous for its freshwater fishing and every year exports fish to other countries.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Neighbors

I have many neighbors. Some of them are teacher, some are worker and some are officials.

My neighbors are very friendly. They do not quarrel with one another. Most of them are educated and rich. They do not like to talk against one another. They do not like to disturb others, they speak softly so that others may not get angry.
My neighbors are also helpful to one another. If someone is ill they call a doctor to attend to him or take him to the hospital as quickly as possible.
I am indeed very happy to live with such neighbors.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Advantage Of The Great Lake (Call Tonle Sap in Cambodia)

If we take a boat trip north from in front of the Royal Palace, where the four rivers, the Upper Mekong, the Lower Mekong , the Basac and the TonleSap meet, we will see wonderful views on both sides of the Tonle Sap. The landscape along the river bank is green, because of the trees that hide the fishing villages and the fiekis that lead to the jungle.

Advantage Of The Great Lake (Call Tonle Sap in Cambodia)
The Tonle Sap is one of the biggest river in Cambodia. It is also the name of a shallow take, which is the largest fresswater resource for fishing in southeast Asia. Many fishermen catch many different kinds of fish there. There are five provinces around the Tonle Sap lake. They are Kampongchnang, Pursat, Battambang, Siem Reap and Kampong Thom.

Advantage Of The Great Lake (Call Tonle Sap in Cambodia)
 During the wet season, from June to October, the flood waters of the Mekong flow into the Tonle Sap, which then flows from north into the lake. That increases the size of the lake, but in the dry season, from November to May the Tonle Sap flows from north to south. When this happens, the fishermen catch fish in the river so that they can start to produce "Prahok". It is also the time for people to prepare for the Water Festival.
Advantage Of The Great Lake (Call Tonle Sap in Cambodia)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Day At Work

I got up 5:30, look a shower, got dressed, and had breakfast. It was a cold morning, so 1 put on my overcoat and left home about 6:30. When I go to work, I took off my coat and hung it up behind the door. 

It was hot in the office, so I took my jacket off too. During my lunch break I went shopping. I saw a nice jacket in a clothing store and tried it on, but it didn't fit me, it was too small and they didn't have a bigger size.

A River Bath I Had

Sometime ago, when I was in Thailand. a neighboring friend took me to have a bath in the Menam Chao Phraya . Menam is the longest river in Thailand and I had been longing to have a bath in it for sometime during my stay in the country.

From Bankok we traveled about eight kilometers up the river somewhere near the suburban town Songgol. This was the ideal place or bath. Hundreds of river boats were always to be seen in the rivers along with thousands of floating logs. So we had to be careful. The very sight of the river was a wonder to me, for I had never seen such a big river before.

The river water was rather warm because it was about mid-day and I was afraid to go beyond the verge. My friend who could swim well, swam for some distance me most was the innumerable schools of  fish, both big and small surrounding me all the time. We bathed for an hour and returned home.