Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Day At Work

I got up 5:30, look a shower, got dressed, and had breakfast. It was a cold morning, so 1 put on my overcoat and left home about 6:30. When I go to work, I took off my coat and hung it up behind the door. 

It was hot in the office, so I took my jacket off too. During my lunch break I went shopping. I saw a nice jacket in a clothing store and tried it on, but it didn't fit me, it was too small and they didn't have a bigger size.

A River Bath I Had

Sometime ago, when I was in Thailand. a neighboring friend took me to have a bath in the Menam Chao Phraya . Menam is the longest river in Thailand and I had been longing to have a bath in it for sometime during my stay in the country.

From Bankok we traveled about eight kilometers up the river somewhere near the suburban town Songgol. This was the ideal place or bath. Hundreds of river boats were always to be seen in the rivers along with thousands of floating logs. So we had to be careful. The very sight of the river was a wonder to me, for I had never seen such a big river before.

The river water was rather warm because it was about mid-day and I was afraid to go beyond the verge. My friend who could swim well, swam for some distance me most was the innumerable schools of  fish, both big and small surrounding me all the time. We bathed for an hour and returned home.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Development of My Commune

All citizens always want to live in a developed commune which give people comforts and chances to in crease their standard of living. Over the years, my commune has developed a lot.

The first thing is that a new health center was built by contribution of the government and foreign helps. The people can use health service cheaply, and it is easy for people to go because is near to their house. The people can go to the health center to consult with nurses with health problems without paying.

For transportation my commune have become easier and easier because every road to every village has been rebuilt, so the people can carry their products and travel easily to the market or other villages. moreover, a lot new bridges have been constructed by the government and contribution of the people in the commune.

Furthermore, a lot of school buildings have been built in every primary school in my commune, so children are happy to go to schools. The people's standard living in my commune is better now because most of them have jobs and get high income.

All in all, the people in commune are happy for the achievements that our commune has received over the years.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Kind Of Books We Should Read

We should be careful in selecting our reading materials. The blessings which the reading habit brings on the reader are many.

The Kind Of Books We Should Read

When choosing correctly reading gives us pleasure. Some books we read are simply for pleasure and amusement - for example, good novels and books of imagination must have their place in everybody's reading. When we are tired or weary with serious study. It is a healthy recreation to read a story written by a great man.
But reading always nothing but books of fiction is like eating nothing but cakes. As we need plain, wholesome food for the body, so we must have serious reading for the mind. And here we can choose according to our taste. There are many good books on history, biography, travel, science and religion. These are the books we must read.

Advantages of Education

In the revolution of human development society, education has been giving us the knowledge and escape from the blindness. Everyday you can't do anything successfully if you don't have educational. So why does education is important?

Advantages of Education
As we see that all of the consequence that burned from the human, is truly come from the education. It's also improving our ability and skill too and make us discover a lots of. You can practice self study in the book or any media like newspaper, radio television or internet. Remind your self that you never late to study and nothing difficult that you can't study. Only education can bring you the fame and prestigious.

Advantages of Education

To get the job, the bright future don't be shy to get it. the education is waiting for you to catch it and don't waste the time. When you have high education nobody can look down or blame on you. It's mean that you are always ahead in your work with skill and ability. There, education is absolutely essential.

Advantages of Education

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Visit To A Temple (Call Snake-Temple in Cambodia)

Recently I had the opportunity to visit the snake-temple in Penang. I caught my first sight of the temple on a sunny morning. The temple towered above tree tops.

A Visit To A Temple (Call Snake-Temple in Cambodia)
A flight of wide, winding steps led up to the main entrance of the temple. Small shops and stalls flanked the stairway. Sweet-meals, fruits, joss-sticks and drinks were soid.

A Visit To A Temple (Call Snake-Temple in Cambodia)
Two, ten-food idols "Welcomed" us at the entrance and we gazes in admiration at the beauty of the images. A narrow passage brought us to an open yard and in a pit we saw hundreds of tortoises and turtles some of them are said to be a hundred years old. On the higher level was a carp  and gold fish pond.

A Visit To A Temple (Call Snake-Temple in Cambodia)
It was a sight well worth seeing. A half-hour rest with refreshing breezes cooling us was enough for us and we returned home.

Planting Small Trees day

Talking part in planting small trees is our work in order to look after our environment. Joining to plant trees shows that we love the environment and nature.

 On the first of May last year was the Labor day. We agreed to plant small trees. In our school surrounding area under the school director's leading. Every student and teacher had to take part in preparing the celebration. So all students had to bring grub hoes, digging hose and water containers.

It seven o'clock in the morning, we gathered in the school area, and all the students were divided into small groups to plant small trees. Each group wag led by one teacher, and had to plant twenty small trees. It was a busy day; some students were carrying water to water the small trees. We all were very happy together, and at nine o'clock we finished planting.
I think it was really important focus to plant small trees to make the environment better for our school.