Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Planting Small Trees day

Talking part in planting small trees is our work in order to look after our environment. Joining to plant trees shows that we love the environment and nature.

 On the first of May last year was the Labor day. We agreed to plant small trees. In our school surrounding area under the school director's leading. Every student and teacher had to take part in preparing the celebration. So all students had to bring grub hoes, digging hose and water containers.

It seven o'clock in the morning, we gathered in the school area, and all the students were divided into small groups to plant small trees. Each group wag led by one teacher, and had to plant twenty small trees. It was a busy day; some students were carrying water to water the small trees. We all were very happy together, and at nine o'clock we finished planting.
I think it was really important focus to plant small trees to make the environment better for our school.

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